Rose and the Bros

Sweet Land Farm

Rose & The Bros are a powerhouse ensemble rooted in the older Cajun/ Zydeco tradition, with the addition of crooning vocal harmonies and country music influence. It has a distinctive rhythmic presence which is based in the Louisiana sound and inspired by the Frank family, with additional Reggae and melodic drum tones. The band's goal has been to stay true to their own musical voices, writing their own music as well as playing the classic dance tunes, while having a strong obligation to the dancer in their tempos and musical feel. Rosie Newton on accordion, fiddle and vocals, Paul Martin on vocals and guitar, Steve Selin on fiddle, Greg Evans on drums, Angelo Peters on bass and Sally Freund on scrub board and triangle.

Big Sky Music Studio

Music recording studio and venue

9732 rt 96  Trumansburg, NY  14886