Cajun Jamboree with the Old Fashioned Aces!

Sweet Land Farm, Trumansburg, NY

We are excited to have our talented friends from Louisiana coming play music and make amazing food for our community on May 20th. It will be quite the party! Music by Old Fashioned Aces: Blake Miller, Amelia Biere, Jo Vidrine, and Colin Gould. A Louisiana cajun dinner with meats smoked here at Sweet Land Farm by Jo Vidrine will be sold ala carte along with a gumbo made the day of the show. Tickets for the show do not include food. Dinner will be $15 and can be bought evening of. Dessert by Sara Mae for $7.

Dinner served at 6:00 and music will start at 7:00.

Blake Miller & the Old Fashioned Aces are breathing new life into an old sound. It’s traditional Cajun music in a traditional setting, but more than that, it’s a powerhouse trio having fun. Whether they appear as an acoustic trio or a full electric band, finer musicians playing Cajun music cannot be found. In a world where it seems everyone is continually stretching the boundaries of Louisiana French music, the Aces nest comfortably inside the well worn tracks of Cajun Music. From old fiddle tunes, to classic dance floor packers, to bilingual country classics, their music is comfort food for the Cajun music fan.

Jo Vadrine writes of himself: I call myself the Freelance Cajun, seemed like a good ear-catching name that serves as an umbrella title for some of the things that I do. My passions lie in music, photography, and sharing food from southwest Louisiana. I have a deep connection and sense of place in south Louisiana through its music, culture, and access to the natural world. As time has gone on I've managed to turn my passions into business ventures. I am a traveling musician playing cajun music in many place across the country and internationally. I've been fortunate to explore the professional photography world as a shooter and as an assistant to many amazing artist. I also from time to time feed the masses Louisiana-based "glory meals" in an effort to share some of my home traditions and build community every chance I get.

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