The 2024 Summer Concert Series is Announced! 

We will be featuring our own Sweet Land Farm Cellars Rosé and Cider at these events as well as local beer and popcorn. Presale tickets are $15 and $18 at the door. Please purchase tickets prior to the event if possible, so we know how many people are planning to attend. No need to print out tickets in advance, we have your information at the door.

*kids under 10 come for free!  

*No outside alcoholic beverages

All Season Pass!

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Big Sky Concert Series, Trumansburg, NY

Please consider purchasing an all-season pass for the 2024 summer series! We are so lucky to bring these world class musicians to our farm, and hope you can help us in supporting their art. By purchasing this pass, you are giving the musicians a guaranteed payment for their show. This is also a great deal! Don't miss it...

Michael Daves

Big Sky Music Series, Trumansburg, NY

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael Daves grew up playing bluegrass in the grand old tradition of staying up late & singing loud. Although he’s since moved north, the Southern roots permeate his music, however traditional or experimental. Heralded as “a leading light of the New York bluegrass scene” by the New York Times, Daves has garnered attention for his work with Chris Thile, Steve Martin, Tony Trischka, and others in addition to his solo performances.

Daves’ most recent project is a two-album set, Orchids and Violence on Nonesuch Records. Both discs are produced by Daves and have identical track listing of mostly traditional bluegrass songs. The first features straightforward interpretations of them and was recorded live to tape in a 19th-century church by Daves and a band of roots-music innovators: bassist Mike Bub, fiddler Brittany Haas, mandolinist Sarah Jarosz, and banjo player Noam Pikelny. The second disc was recorded in Daves' home studio and includes drums and electric instruments, mostly played by Daves, taking a raw, experimental rock approach to the same old-time material. "The identical track listing makes for a good comparison study," says the New York Times music critic Nate Chinen in his review, "and to his credit, it can be hard to pick which version of a tune is best."

Daves previously recorded bluegrass standards on Sleep with One Eye Open, his Nonesuch debut, a duo session with mandolinist Chris Thile (Punch Brothers, Nickel Creek) that earned the pair a 2011 Grammy nomination.

Although he is best known as a roots musician, Daves gravitated toward experimental music and jazz while studying at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Relocating to Brooklyn in 2003, he began to crave the social interaction and musical challenges of bluegrass: "In Western Massachusetts, I was mostly doing jazz. By the time I moved to New York, I was ready to leave that behind, get back to my personal roots in bluegrass music. There were good jam sessions in New York and I was excited to reenter a regular jamming culture in the city. And I was getting back into rock music, too. The Brooklyn scene in 2003 and 2004 was pretty fertile. There was a lot of great, kind of raw, experimental rock music happening at that time, drawing me in, scratching an itch."

Daves is also devoted teacher with over twenty five years of experience whose instructional style is aimed at helping students develop and refine their own natural musical sensibilities while exploring a wealth of American roots traditions, particularly bluegrass. In 2016 he launched an online school in bluegrass vocals on where he helps students around the world learn the intricacies bluegrass singing style as well as harmony singing and ear training.

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Kid's Square Dance!

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Sweet Land Farm, Trumansburg, NY

Come for a morning of fun at Sweet Land Farm! We will be square dancing on the lawn, hanging by the swing set and eating snacks. Our friend Dan Wally Baker will be calling squares and Claire BV, Brian Vollmer, Paul Martin and Rosie Newton will be playing old time tunes. No need to get tickets in advance- tickets are $5 for kids under 15, and $10 for older folks. Come on out!

Seamus Egan and Yann Falquet

Big Sky Concert Series, Trumansburg, NY

Seamus Egan It’s hard to think of an artist in traditional Irish music more influential than Seamus Egan. From his beginnings as a teen prodigy, to his groundbreaking solo work with Shanachie Records, to his founding of Irish-American powerhouse band Solas, to his current work as one of the leading composers and interpreters of the tradition, Egan has inspired multiple generations of musicians and helped define the sound of Irish music today. As a multi-instrumentalist, he’s put his mark on the sound of the Irish flute, tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, and low whistle, among others. As a composer, he was behind the soundtrack for the award-winning film The Brothers McMullen, co-wrote Sarah McLachlan’s breakout hit, “Weep Not for the Memories,” and has scored numerous documentaries and indie films since. As a bandleader, Solas has been the pre-eminent Irish-American band of their generation for the past 20 years, continuously renewing Irish music with fresh ideas, including a collaboration with Rhiannon Giddens on their 2015 album. As a performer, few others can make so many instruments or such wickedly complex ornaments seem so effortless. Music comes as naturally to Seamus Egan as breath, but his mastery of the tradition is only one facet of his plans to move the music forward. In 2018, Seamus Egan began touring as a solo performer, bringing along friends and musical guests, and making music as Seamus Egan Projectthat points towards the origins of Solas in the 1990s. Originally a band of friends who gathered to enjoy the late night craic of the Irish sessions in Philadelphia and New York, Solas was able to meld the breakneck speed and fun of these late night jams with a more sensitive feel for complex arrangements and composition that came from Egan’s love of other music genres like jazz, classical, bluegrass or rock. Revisiting this period in his music, focusing on the three solo albums he cut before Solas, Egan’s looking back to that initial burst of creativity that followed the breathtaking four All-Ireland Championships he won on four different instruments by the young age of 14 and his turns as a star soloist in his later teens with Mick Moloney’s The Green Fields of America. Growing up under the wing of powerful elder musicians, Egan’s always paid homage to his roots, but he’s thought of these roots less as a heritage and more as a universal language to be shared. Just as classical or jazz cuts across all ethnicities and unites communities around the world, Egan saw Irish music the same way, and the ensuing decades only served to support this idea. Today, musicians play Irish music all over the world, and part of this comes from the constant evolution the tradition has seen in the past century. Certainly this idea of musical evolution has kept Egan centered through the twenty years he’s spent as founding member of Solas, but the first real inkling of this came from his groundbreaking 1996 album, When Juniper Sleeps. Here, Egan began to explore the further reaches of the Irish tradition, blazing his way at spectacular speed

through Irish reels, but also bringing in rich compositions and arrangements, and crafting soundscapes to enrich the melodies. This album dropped nearly the same year as Solas’ debut, self-titled album, so it’s no surprise that Egan would reach back to this time period to create new music for new generations.

Yann Falquet From Montreal, QC, Yann Falquet is among the most creative folk singer and acoustic guitarists in today's Québécois music scene. Over the last 20 years, he has recorded seven albums, four EPs and toured the world with French Canadian power trio Genticorum. He has developed a unique personal guitar style for Québécois folk music, rhythmically powerful yet subtly complex. His involvement in traditional music scene brought Yann to perform on and produce numerous recordings, and to regularly tour throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. He also collaborates musically with Seamus Egan, Brittany Haas, Keith Murphy, Maeve Gilchrist, Nic Gareiss and many more.

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Steam Machine

Big Sky Concert Series

Steam Machine is a midwest based old time/bluegrass music project fronted by award winning Minneapolis fiddler AJ Srubas and Twin Cities old time music & dance instigator Rina Rossi on guitar. A shortlist of spectacular musicians perform with the band on banjo and bass, and when possible, mandolin. Originally formed in Minneapolis in 2017, Steam Machine brought to the national stage a midwest influenced string band aesthetic that didn’t draw such hard lines between bluegrass and old time music. Smooth powerful fiddling, driving three finger banjo, front-of-the-beat rhythm backup combined into a “suspiciously entertaining” sound. Two time Appalachian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop) Traditional Band Contest ribbon winners and Folk Alliance Midwest Official Showcase Artists, since 2018 they have been touring the region and the country performing at diverse venues from roots music hubs to bluegrass and Americana festivals, and teaching workshops at traditional music epicenters across the country from the Augusta Heritage Center (WV) to Festival of American Fiddle Tunes (WA) with many others in between. At home in Minneapolis, they are heavily involved as organizers in many of the local community old time and bluegrass institutions. While not purists, Steam Machine does listen closely to the “old stuff” and strives to capture the essence of what makes these tunes and songs special, as they hear it. The project continues to be an evolving vehicle for playing music they love and honoring the brilliance left behind by old time heroes like Lyman Enloe, Cyril Stinnett and more. Equally at home playing for an oldtime/bluegrass loving crowd or listeners new to these sounds, Steam Machine aspires to keep midwest style old time bluegrass music alive and well wherever they go. They perform both as a trio (fiddle/banjo/guitar & vocals) and as often as possible as a four piece with bass. Their self-titled album Steam Machine, released in 2018, received glowing reviews across the country. In spring 2023, Rina and AJ completed a new duo project, Sweet Bunch of Daisies, a collection of midwest fiddle guitar duets and assorted songs. Per Fiddler Magazine, “a great overview of Midwest and Missouri old-time, played with a ton of spirit and talent.” Both releases are available on bandcamp.

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