The Shabbys

Sweet Land Farm

We are very excited to host this new band! The Shabbys is a unique trio combining the sounds of old time fiddle, banjo, and accordion with close harmony singing and timeless songwriting. Three friends who bring together the deep rhythm and drive of Appalachian and Midwestern fiddle traditions with the country-tinged songwriting of an Irish immigrant and the dreamlike sounds of the early 70s California coast. Stephanie Coleman is an old-time fiddler based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Chicago, Stephanie was first exposed to the fiddle as a child through her father, a fiddler himself. For more than two decades, she has immersed herself in Appalachian and Midwestern styles of old-time fiddling, exploring both the craft and the rich history behind the music. She spent several years touring with the acclaimed stringband Uncle Earl and has collaborated with countless notable musicians, including banjo wunderkind Nora Brown, Watchhouse’s Andrew Marlin, and clawhammer banjo virtuoso Adam Hurt. Stephanie has performed and taught at festivals and workshops throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia and remains a regular award winner in the renowned contest at the Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop, West Virginia. Most recently, she appeared in HBO’s Crashing starring comedian Pete Holmes and played fiddle in the score to Radiolab’s nine-part series Dolly Parton’s America. Raised on the central coast of California and currently living in Lafayette, LA, Elise Leavy has a distinctly unique voice as a singer and songwriter. Often likened to Joni Mitchell and Judee Sill, Elise says it must be the California seawater getting inside her head and heart from an early age. She has been writing songs since she was 8 years old, and has studied the art of singing and harmony for the better part of her 24 years. After graduating from the New England Conservatory of Music and living in New York City, and then Nashville, TN, she is now thrilled to be preparing to release her fourth solo project, and her first big record, a group of songs written and recorded in Brooklyn, NY with a full band of amazing local musicians. Eamon O’Leary from Dublin is a long time resident of New York City. A singer and string player, with deep roots in the world of Irish trad, he is one half of The Murphy Beds with Jefferson Hamer. Their debut album was described by The Hufffington Post as one that “bears repeated listening from start to finish, with ten beautiful, crystalline songs.” He is also a member of The Alt with Nuala Kennedy and John Doyle. His songwriting can be heard, most recently, on The Silver Sun from Reveal Records.

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